Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week #7 Results

David Drayer: -3.0 lbs.             Total weight loss: -21.0 lbs. (8.1%)
Richard Feld: -6.0 lbs.             Total weight loss: -29.5 lbs. (11.9%)
Susan Feidelman: -3.5 lbs.     Total weight loss: -18.0 lbs. (8.5%)
Jen Green: -2.5 lbs.                  Total weight loss: -23.0 lbs. (11.9%)
Tina Hardy: -0.0 lbs.               Total weight loss: -13.5 lbs. (6.0%)

Yay! We did very well this week. It wasn't enough to put us ahead, but we did win this week with the most percentage weight loss.

As for the recent Soccer Challenege, the BLUE TEAM came out victorious too. Read about it all at here.

And do not forget to read about us at: http://www.gazettehealthychallenge.net. There are more articles there and it is nice to check up on the Red Team every once in a while.

At tonight's weigh-in, I lost 3.5 lbs. Yay! I am down to 171 that means 26.5 pounds lost. Isn't that AMAZING? I am so thrilled and know that I can reach my goal.

Keep cheering us on! Each and everyone of you who recognize us in public and congratulate us makes a difference, I promise! And this Saturday is our next challenge and it is a cooking challenge. Wish us luck and check back for details. Go Blue!


  1. WOW Jen! That is so great! You are doing so well- very inspirational (ie I need to get my butt on the elliptical!)