Monday, April 20, 2009

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”

We survived our run around the lake at Rio on Saturday early morning. We ran/walked around it 6 times and if each lap is equivalent to 3/4 of a mile (there is a little debate about this) we did more than we thought we would. David was a maniac and full of energy so he kept the pace and the rest of us did our own pace. It was a gorgeous day, so it felt nice to get out and run.

Tonight, Benny really worked us again. We did tons of stength training exercises. It is getting much easier to complete the workouts. Now, let me just tell you, it is not easy in the sense that I am not getting a workout. I mean it is easy that I can do each station the way it is meant to be done and I can increase the weights each round. It feels so good to be increasing the weights. It means progress.

Rich was back with us tonight. We missed him over the weekend. It wasn't the same without his sense of humor. And other exciting news is that David got a new bike. He rode his new bike to the gym tonight - 2 miles worth - before the workout. Go David! Way to warm up! It was a bad day to start out with all of this rain, but he was a champion and did it anyway!

Tomorrow is the next weigh in. I am a little nervous; but again, I will take anything that is not gaining weight. I have increased my cardio workouts and hope that it makes the difference.

On a side note: People are recognizing me from the article last week. I am surprised but pleased because all their words have been quite supportive. A nice clerk at Target said, "Hey, aren't you a part of that Healthy Challenge?" I blushed and admitted that I was and she said, "I think it is great to put it all out there and have us all root for you." I said, "I hope everyone is rooting for us because we all want to be losers - as far as getting this weight off forever!"

Keep rooting for us and if you see one of us, encourage us - we can use all that we can get!


  1. Thats awesome Jennifer. I am so proud of you, sticky to this and making progress. Way to go!

  2. You are doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!