Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting the "Whole" out of Foods!

Today, my children and I went to Whole Foods in Rockville and met with their Marketing Specialist / Community Liaison, Susan Lennon. Whole Foods is one of our sponsors, so Susan took us on a 45 minute tour and explained healthy eating options (like this Greek yogurt) and how eating organic food is better for our bodies. My kids devoured the organic chocolate milk she gave them.

I believe I was most impressed with their fresh fruit and vegetable selection. There seemed to be more variety and everything looked like it just came from the farm. And the prices were even cheaper than some of the other grocery stores. They also had a grab and go section that had fresh vegetables and fruit already sliced for your convenience. No more excuses about not having time to make a healthy meal.

Also, check out this "salad bar". The options are endless. There were so many things to choose from including a seaweed salad, which is my favorite. I think this is a quick way to prepare a healthy lunch or even dinner on the go.

Susan stressed the importance of incorporating more than just wheat, and that it has been proven that we need to use a vairety of grains. Whole Foods has a section where you can buy grains by the pound. Again, the variety was impressive. As we cruised through the aisles with my kids in tow, Susan pointed out healthy alternatives. She even gave me a recipe for a warm black bean salad that I cannot wait to try.

Susan revealed that a common misconception is that Whole Foods is more expensive than other grocery stores and that you cannot get all of your necessities here. I fell into that category; but I am ready to take the Whole Foods challenge - do a weeks worth of grocery shopping and compare prices. I will let you know the result.

To conclude, Susan gave me a "goodie bag" of healthy snacks (and some treats for the kids) and a gift card. I am so thankful to Susan for her awesome tour and to Whole Foods for sponsoring us.

Tonight is our 3rd workout with our trainers and tomorrow is our first weigh-in since the start - EEK! Check back tomorrow to see the results.

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  1. Sounds like a great tour! I'll be interested to hear your results on the price comparison!