Friday, April 17, 2009

"Know that it's your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny."

Wednesday was the official Kick-off for the Gazette Healthy Challenge and I felt like a celebrity. From the interview to the well wishes from all in attendance, I was overwhelmed by all of the support.

It was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Bethesda and Diet to Go gracious provided all of the food. It was the first chance that my family and friends got to try the food. (I have never shared my portions at home because this was all of the food that I was allowed to eat.) I heard rave reviews and most people were surprised that it was low calorie.

One of the main purposes of the kick-off was to meet all of our sponsors. I could not believe how many businesses stepped up to sponsor this competition. It was awesome and I felt truly honored. You will hear more about the sponsors as the competition continues.

Since we missed our workout on Wednesday due to the kick-off, Benny and Kim kept us moving tonight. It seems like it is getting easier to keep good form while we are using the weights. It is no joke that the hour goes by so quickly that I find myself wondering why I never did this without the trainers. The camaraderie among the team is awesome and so encouraging. We are growing into a family!

The ladies of the team (Susan, Tina, and I) were briefly discussing with Kim (our trainer) how this 3rd week has been difficult. It is easy to be too busy to sit and enjoy our meals. It is easy for life to catch up to us and to turn to those comfort foods all over again. Kim gave us great advice: If you can make it through this point right now - the point where you are stressed and too busy - without eating those comfort foods, then you will break the cycle. Some people turn to exercise during those stressful times, so find an outlet besides food. (I think I will turn to cleaning. It is Spring afterall - my home could use a good scrub down!)

To make up for missing Wednesday's workout, we are meeting at Rio Sport & Health at 8am to do a cardio workout. So, if you see 4 helpless people (Rich is away this weekend) running around the lake, begging Benny for water and a break, stop and encourage us! We may need it.

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