Saturday, May 16, 2009

An hour and two minutes later...

In case you forgot, the first challenge, the Germantown 5-miler, was this morning. And I am PROUD to announce that every single blue team member crossed the finish line. Yay!!!!!

It was a long 5 miles full of hills and little girls (the Girls on the Run 5k started at our 2 mile mark). I walked more than I wanted, but I finished in an hour and two minutes. I wanted to run the entire race and finish under an hour, but I am just pleased that I finished to my children and husband cheering me in at the finish.

As I figured, David led the blue team, followed by Rich, me, Susan and Tina, who came in at an hour and sixteen minutes. Benny, our trainer, continued with her energizer bunny performance and finished around forty minutes. The official race results have not been published yet, but I will be sure to post them when they do.

After I got home, my body ached. I took a twenty minute Jacuzzi bath and feel great now. Hopefully, I will be fully recovered by our workout on Monday. I am sure that Benny and Kim will continue to kick us into high gear. We are approaching our half way mark at this week's weigh-in and I cannot wait to see how well the blue team is accomplishing our goals. Team BLUE!


  1. Wow that is fast and with a pulled ACL or whatever is wrong with your knee. I know you did not want to walk but you still finished the race. I am so proud of you. Dont beat yourself up about walking some, its okay your not a professional runner anymore, but are getting back into shape and every mile, whether walking or running counted towards taking that weight off. Great Job Jennifer

  2. Great job! I hope that you have a sense of accomplishment, because you should!