Sunday, May 3, 2009

I found my way back home.

Greetings, from Maryland!

I finally made it back to the nest. And boy, Kim and Benny had a workout waiting for me (us). On Friday we did elliptical sprints and bicycle sprints and finished with an ab workout. My heart rate actually reached 189 at one point so you know that I was sweating.

For the elliptical sprints, we put it at level at 5 and "ran" for a 1 and a half minutes and then "sprinted" as fast as we could for 30 seconds at level 7. The first one wasn't so bad, but by the time we got to # 5+, I was hurting. We had a minute and a half "rest" between each sprint, but we were still working out at level 5.

After too many reps of that to count, we moved to the bikes and did the same thing except our recover time was 3 minutes. I could barely move when we climbed the stairs up to do our ab workout.

We did inverted sit-ups (moving our legs up and down 15 times) and bicycle sit-ups. They both felt easy at the time, but I can still feel the pain in my abs today. Finally we stood back to back with a partner and passed a heavy ball around to each other from side to side. I got dizzy doing this, but felt it in my obliques.

I can only imagine what tomorrow's workout will be like... say a prayer for us!

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  1. wow that seems hard, but I bet the hard work will pay off