Saturday, May 23, 2009

Results from the Germantown 5 miler

As I posted earlier, our first challenge was the Germantown 5 Miler. The Blue Team did great. Here are our times:

59:17 David Drayer
61:50 Richard Feld
62:32 Jen Green
68:04 Susan Feidelman
75:56 Tina Hardy

And here is a note from Cliff Chiet, Publisher, The Gazette, Montgomery County:

"Our first challenge, the 5 miler, was excited for all who participated. For every challenge we give .5% weight loss to the winning team and .3% weight loss to the second place team.

After lots of consideration, we have decided to declare the BLUE TEAM the winner of this challenge. All five members of the team participated and all five crossed the finish line.

We congratulate all RED TEAM contestants and Charles Tresky for finishing the race under 50 minutes!!

We have 3 more fun challenges so may the games continue."

It is a good thing that it was decided that we won the competition. We have fallen behind in the weight loss, but we are only at week #6, so we have 6 more weeks to pull it out. I KNOW we have the motivation to do it... I just hope the scale starts showing all of our hard work.

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